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Lot 1083

Hong Kong, 1912-21 K.G.V watermark multiple crown CA 50c. black on blue-green, olive back, block of six, fresh with bright colour, unmounted mint or mint (upper left stamp hinged and one stamp light gum disturbance), folded vertically between second and third stamps, very fine, one of the largest multiples extant of the very scarce 50c. olive back in very nice condition. S.G. 111b.
Estimate HK$ 180,000 - 220,000


Lot 1105

Hong Kong, 1983 Hong Kong by Night $1.30 Fireworks in Harbour silver omitted variety complete sheet of 50, unmounted mint, rich colours, light yellowing on reverse with faint yellow traces in top margin (on face), fine to very fine, a spectacular showpiece of this popular error, believed the only known complete sheet. S.G. 444a; Yang C185b.
Estimate HK$ 300,000 - 400,000


Lot 1106


Hong Kong, 1988 Peak Tramway booklet, with one of the Peak Tramway miniature sheets variety black omitted (names and values), faint offset of the black printing on reverse of error and one normal sheet, very fine and fresh (with sheets unmounted mint), an exceptional way to collect this very rare modern error. S.G. SB21 var. (S.G. MS 581 var.); Yang SB18a (Yang C51a).
Estimate HK$ 120,000 - 150,000

Realized HK$138,000

Lot 1023

Hong Kong, 1863-71 watermark crown CC 96c. olive-bistre, mint with part to large part original gum, brilliant rich colour and extremely fresh on bright white paper, very fine, some faint wrinkling at top from the hinging noted for accuracy, a choice and exquisite example of this key Hong Kong stamp. S.G. 18 cat. £80,000.
Estimate HK$ 400,000 - 500,000

Expertisation: Signed Tommy Allen
B.P.A. certificate (1956).

References: No. 19 in Ng Kwai-lung's Census of the Mint 96c. Olive-Bistre.

Auction Record
John Bull (Hong Kong), March 1984.


Lot 1369

Hankow, 1883 (9 July) 3c. stationery card to Paris cancelled "D29", with matching "Hankow/A" despatch c.d.s., and "Hong Kong/B" (17.7) and red "Modane à Paris" (27.8) transit c.d.s. adjacent, central scuff on reverse affecting French arrival c.d.s. (28.8), couple faint central horizontal bends with corner creasing at right and couple short tears at top, nevertheless a very good and rare usage of the "D29" obliterator. Yang P5.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000

Realized HK$69,000

Lot 1259

Hong Kong, Airmails : 1920 (28 Jan.) large registered envelope from Major Charles Glidden, Hong Kong to New York (1/3.3) bearing K.G.VI 10c. ultramarine pair tied by "Registered/G/.P.O. Hong Kong" c.d.s. showing "Armées Alliées en Orient/Poste Aérienne" framed h.s. and "Aerogram/Via Curtiss Seagirl" cachet from the Aero Club of America's around-the-world experimental flight derby adjacent, couple inconsequential small abrasions in address panel and tiny tear at right edge, a very fine and an exceedingly rare cover from Hong Kong from one of the earliest international series of pioneer flights. One of the earliest mail from Hong Kong of mail including air carriage on part of its journey. A key exhibition item for a Hong Kong airmail exhibit.
Estimate HK$ 50,000 - 60,000

The Aero Club of America organised an around-the-world demonstration air flights derby between October 1919 and April 1920, including East Asian experimental flights, under the auspices of American pilots. The "Armées Alliées en Orient" handstamp, applied in Istanbul, was one of the cachets employed on this remarkable early series of airmail demonstration flights.


Lot 1461

Macao, 1868 (18 Sept.) envelope (with original letter) from Hong Kong to Macao (19.9) bearing 8c. orange neatly cancelled "B62" showing "Hong Kong/C" despatch c.d.s. on reverse and "B/Macao" arrival c.d.s. (19.9), rated "4", very fine and very early example of the Macao c.d.s. normally associated with the Pago em Macao Crowned Circle but also known as an arrival marking, showing Proud's earliest recorded date (predating Webb's by over two years).
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000

The extensive letter, sent care of the Augustine Heard firm, concerns the sender's marriage proposal to the recipient.

Realized HK$46,000

Lot 1602

Macao, Official Mail Postal Bag : 1819(c.) red silk mail bag for sending official correspondence from the Governor of Macao to the Portuguese Secretary of State of the Navy and Overseas Territories, with golden inscription identifying both the sender and the destination (translated from the Portuguese):

"To his Excy. Conde dos Arcos,
Let god let him live many years, member of the Council of State, Great Aviz Cross, General of the Royal Army, Minister and Secretary of State of the Navy and Overseas Territories. Rush, rush, rush.
From the Governor and Captain General of the City of Macao

An exceedingly rare official postal bag in a very fine state of conservation, with only three such Portuguese bags believed known from the period: an internal Portuguese mail bag, one from Bahia (Brazil) in the Postal Museum in Lisbon, and this one from Macau.
Estimate HK$ 45,000 - 60,000

Appointed in Rio de Janeiro after the Portuguese royal family left for Brazil when Napoleon's French army invaded Portugal, the Count of Arcos, Marcos de Noronha e Brito, served as Secretary of the Overseas Territories from February 1818 to 1821).


Lot 1539

Macao, 1981 Camoes Anniv. unissued 10a. to 3p. inscribed "Portugal" set of four in blocks of four, very fine and fresh unmounted mint, a rare set of blocks. Yang footnote after C467.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000

Realized HK$115,000

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