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Lot 3051

Hong Kong, 1863-71 watermark crown CC 96c. olive-bistre, mint with part to large part original gum, brilliant rich colour and extremely fresh on bright white paper, very fine, some faint wrinkling at top from the hinging noted for accuracy, a choice and exquisite example of this key Hong Kong stamp. Signed Tommy Allen. S.G. 18 cat. £80,000.
Estimate HK$ 500,000 - 600,000

Expertisation: B.P.A. certificate (1956).

References: No. 19 in Ng Kwai-lung's Census of the Mint 96c. Olive-Bistre.


Auction Record
John Bull (Hong Kong), March 1984.


Lot 3326

Shanghai, Sunburst in Blue : 1865 (1 July) "Printed Circular" entire (outer sheet) from H.C. Morf, Yokohama (per internal docketing) to Shanghai (18.7) "Pr P&O Str" bearing CC watermark 2c. brown boldly, centrally cancelled by superb "Sunburst" in blue, with fine "Shanghae/C" arrival c.d.s. in blue on reverse, very fine and among the finest of the finest known of the six recorded Sunburst covers (2c. interport printed-matter rate). An important exhibition item and one of the crown jewels of Hong Kong and Treaty Ports philately.
Estimate HK$ 400,000 - 500,000

Provenance: Ryohei Ishikawa.


The Sunburst cancellation is recorded on cover only on Hong Kong-franked mail between Shanghai and Nagasaki and Yokohama in Japan before the "S1" obliterator was placed in use in 1866.

Carried on P&O Pekin Yokohama (13.7) to Shanghai (18.7).

Realized HK$598,000

Lot 3083


Hong Kong, 1891 Jubilee 2c. carmine, variety overprint double widely spaced (approx. 13mm.), centrally cancelled by "Hong Kong/C" c.d.s. (22.1), rich deep colour, small surface scuffs (not uncommon on the Jubilee stamps), light horizontal crease at top, a fine example of this great rarity of Hong Kong. S.G. 51e cat. £14,000.
Estimate HK$ 120,000 - 150,000

Expertisation: R.P.S. certificate (1932).

Provenance: Lt. Col. L.T. Rose-Hutchinson.

References: Air Commodore R.N. Gurevitch, Queen Victoria Postal Adhesives, Vol. 1, p. 225-226. Illustrated.

Colonel Webb recorded three types of Jubilee double overprints, the others showing closely spaced side-by-side overprints (of equal intensity) and the so-called "kiss print" doubles. Air Commodore Gurevitch records also another type with the two overprints of equal intensity and spaced 2mm. apart vertically, although he mentions that the side-by-side and vertical doubles should be viewed with some skepticism, while dismissing the kissprints as not real double overprints. Both authors consider the current stamp the true double overprint.

Realized HK$172,500

Lot 3138

Hong Kong, 1974 Arts Festival miniature sheet, variety gold omitted, unmounted mint, fresh, few faint yellow traces on reverse, fine to very fine. S.G. MS307 var; Yang C31Ma.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000

Realized HK$149,500

Lot 3142

Hong Kong, 1988 Peak Tramway miniature sheet, variety black omitted (names and values), on first day cover, very fine and very rare (believed only three first day covers recorded). S.G. MS581 var; Yang C51a.
Estimate HK$ 120,000 - 150,000

Realized HK$207,000

Lot 3318

Shanghai, 1860 (22 Dec.) neat mourning entire letter from Shanghai to Dublin, Ireland (13.2.61) "Via Marseilles" showing rare "Shanghae/Post Office/Paid" double-ring h.s. in red (Webb type 3) with "Paid" framed h.s. in red adjacent, and "Hong Kong/C" c.d.s. (27.12, across the join as is the arrival) on reverse, rated "9" and "8" (after 1d. Colonial credit), some minor splitting along folds, a very fine and rare example of this very important Shanghai mark and an addition to the nine covers recorded by the Hong Kong Philatelic Society, making this the second earliest of the now ten recorded covers (9d. U.K. quarter-ounce rate via Marseille).
Estimate HK$ 100,000 - 120,000

Carried by P&O Formosa Shanghai (23.12) to Hong Kong (26.12), Ottawa Hong Kong (31.12) to Galle (15.1.61), Nemesis Galle (18.1) to Suez (3.2), Euxine Alexandria (4.2) to Marseille (10.2).

Realized HK$195,500

Lot 3309

Canton, 1856 (26 Feb.) entire from Cape of Good Hope to Carlowitz, Harcourt & Co., Canton "per Str. Calinâk" bearing Cape of Good Hope 1855-58 triangular 4d. deep blue on white paper (good to enormous margins all around) neatly tied by "CGH" triangular obliterator, showing very fine rimless "Cape Town/Cape of Good Hope" despatch c.d.s. in red and "Hong Kong" double-arc d.s. (9.6) on reverse, rated "4" due on arrival, some minor cover bleaching (not mentioned in the certificate) noted for accuracy and of no significance, a very fine and exceedingly rare incoming cover to China with one of the most important issues of classic philately, as well as an extremely rare origin for incoming mail to China in the early period. An important exhibition piece for early China mail and the Treaty Ports.
Estimate HK$ 180,000 - 220,000

Expertisation: B.P.A. certificate (2018).



Besides its reputed place as the earliest franked cover from Southern Africa to China/Hong Kong, it is no doubt likewise a very early cover of any type (i.e. including stampless) from that origin to China/Hong Kong. We have not undertaken a survey of such covers, but are not aware of any earlier pre-stamp covers.

Only three covers and one front to China/Hong Kong bearing Cape triangles are recorded:

(i) This Cover.

(ii) 1864 (29 Aug.) entire from Cape Town to Tait & Co., Amoy bearing 4d. deep blue (cut into). Zurich Asia (Hong Kong), 18.3.2006, lot 1213.

(iii) 1867 (29 Nov.) from Cape Town to Foochow bearing 6d. bright mauve and 1864-65 rectangular 4d. Sir Maxwell Joseph, Sotheby's (London), 28-29.10.1982, lot 1110.

(iv) Front to Jardine, Matheson, Hong Kong bearing 4d. deep blue on white paper (cut into), reported and illustrated in Hong Kong Philatelic Society Newsletter, Nov. 2004, p. 5.

Realized HK$207,000

Lot 3440

Macao, 1913 Don Carlos I local overprint "Republica" 8a. grey-brown complete sheet of 28, unused without gum as issued, well centred with deep rich colour, light peripheral ageing in sheet margins and few trivial marginal imperfections, couple minor bends in extreme upper right stamp noted for accuracy, very fine and very rare complete sheet of this rarest of the issued values. Yang 189.
Estimate HK$ 150,000 - 180,000

Realized HK$230,000

Lot 3441

Macao, 1913 Don Carlos I local overprint "Republica" 10a. dull blue vertical marginal strip of three, unused without gum as issued, nearly perfectly centred, deep rich colour, folded horizontally along perfs. between first and second stamp, couple hinge remnants in sheet margin and few trivial marginal imperfections, very fine and extremely rare, considered the rarest stamp of Macau. An important multiple of this rare stamp. Yang footnote after 197.
Estimate HK$ 200,000 - 250,000

As a gauge of its immense rarity, the locally overprinted "Republica" 10 avos was missing from the legendary Seabra collection auctioned in 1993.

Realized HK$402,500

Lot 3432

Macao, 1911 (15 Aug.) envelope to Nanning via Canton (16.8) and Wuchow (17.8) bearing on reverse 1911 (8 Aug.) laid paper 1a. black on white label, error "Corrieo", and wove paper 2a. black on white label horizontal pair, uncancelled as usual, and showing on front "Direcção/do Correio/de/Macau" origin c.d.s. adjacent, very fine and extremely rare commercial usage of the "Corrieo" error. Yang 147b, 148d.
Estimate HK$ 90,000 - 120,000

Provenance: Robert Huggins, Interasia (Hong Kong), 28.2.2011, lot 2319.

Realized HK$103,500

Lot 3493

Macao, 1981 Camoes Anniv. unissued 10a. to 3p. inscribed "Portugal" set of four in marginal blocks of four, few faintest yellowish traces on reverse, one 3ca. single perf. chad adhering on reverse, very fine and fresh unmounted mint, rare set of blocks. Yang footnote after C467.
Estimate HK$ 70,000 - 90,000

Realized HK$115,000

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