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Lot 3029

Hong Kong, 1863-71 watermark crown CC 96c. olive-bistre, mint with part to large part "white" original gum, brilliant rich colour and extremely fresh on bright white paper, very fine, a wonderful example of exquisite freshness and colour. S.G. 18 cat. £80,000.
Estimate HK$ 500,000 - 600,000

Expertisation: Holcombe certificate (1990).

Provenance: "Dallas", Sotheby's (London), 18-20.7.1990, lot 860
Sir Gawaine Baillie, Sotheby's (London), 16-17.11.2006, lot 583.

References: No. 42 in Ng Kwai-Lung's Census of the Mint 96c. Olive-Bistre.


Realized HK$690,000

Lot 3094


Hong Kong, 1891 Jubilee 2c. carmine, complete pane of 60 from the 3rd printing from the upper right of the sheet with margins at top and left, showing the major short U variety [1] in each setting of 12, along with the stroke between the "8" and "4" [4] definitively ascribing the sheet to this printing, cancelled by first day c.d.s., customary light uniform ageing on reverse, inconsequential light vertical fold in margin at top from where folded vertically along central perfs. and slightest buckling in central horizontal row of perfs. where also folded noted for accuracy, a very fine and rare complete pane, with only five panes (all used) recorded. S.G. 51.
Estimate HK$ 150,000 - 200,000

Besides this and the following lot, we record three other used complete Jubilee panes, the largest known multiple of the issue: (i) the "K. Ashleigh" collection 5th printing pane (ex D'Almada) (ii) the 3rd printing pane (ex Ishikawa and Richard Chan) missing the bottom and left margins, and (iii) the extensively damaged pane from the 5th printing that had been in Dr. Chan Shiu-Hon's collection.

Realized HK$218,500

Lot 3103


Hong Kong, 1891 Jubilee 2c. carmine, variety lower line of overprint "1841" corrected to "1891" with "9" inserted by hand, cancelled by "Hong Kong/A" c.d.s. (12.2.93), fine to very fine. The only recorded example of this dramatic error. S.G. 51 var.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000

Expertisation: B.P.A. certificate (2016).

References: Winson Ng and Charles Chan, "Hong Kong 1891 Jubilee Unreported Error", Hong Kong Study Circle Journal No. 381 (April 2017), pp. 2-8. Illustrated.

The stamp is from position 9 of the overprint forme showing broken H and bevelled L. It is surmised that the error occurred because of an upward folding of the sheet margin resulting in the 1891 not being printed on the stamp. The error was spotted and corrected, although "1841" was then erroneously inserted well below the normal position (creating a unique wide spacing between the third and fourth lines). A second correction was made, whereby the "4" was scraped off and the correct "9" inserted by hand.


Lot 3105


Hong Kong, 1891 Jubilee 2c. carmine, variety overprint shifted downwards, rejoined horizontal pair, the first stamp with part margin at foot showing flat "8" [10] and the second stamp showing the nicked "I" [11], cancelled by "Hong Kong/B" c.d.s. (30.8.93), the left example, small faults, fine appearance (exceptional condition for this rarity) and the right example light overall ageing with few trimmed perfs., rounded corner and short puncture, a very rare and important pair of this important variety. S.G. 51 var.
Estimate HK$ 40,000 - 50,000

Expertisation: R.P.S. certificate (2017) for the marginal example.

It is believed that only a single setting of 12 was overprinted with this error. We are aware of four examples of this error, including two damaged examples from the Ishikawa and D'Almada collections respectively. All of the known examples bear the 1893 c.d.s.

Realized HK$59,800

Lot 3215

Hong Kong, 1874-1902 Postal Fiscal $10 grey-green, very fine and very fresh mint with "white" gum and brilliant colour on bright white paper, well centred, a superlative example of this scarce and very popular stamp. S.G. F6 cat. £12,000.
Estimate HK$ 50,000 - 60,000

Realized HK$57,500

Lot 3235


Hong Kong, 1971 "Contract Note" Q.E.II Die I $4 orange and violet, variety head and overprint inverted, cancelled by stockbroker's blue h.s., fresh with rich colour and well centred, couple unobtrusive tiny pinholes, otherwise very fine and extremely rare. Barefoot Contract Note 97a; Orsetti 283L ic.
Estimate HK$ 60,000 - 80,000

Expertisation: R.P.S. certificate (2017).

Provenance: Philippe Orsetti.

References: Philippe Orsetti, Hong Kong Fiscal Seals & Adhesives, part 3, p. 50. Illustrated.



Lot 3463

Shanghai, 1856 (6 Oct.) entire with part letter (outer sheet) from Shanghai to Valreas, France "Overland mail via Marseille" (29.11) showing very fine complete strike of the "Shanghae Post Office/Crown/Paid" circular h.s. in red (Webb type 1), with "Hong Kong" double-arc d.s. (12.10) and "Paris à Marseille" (30.11) c.d.s. on reverse, rated "20" (décimes), inconsequential slight traces of ink erosion in the address panel mentioned for accuracy, an excellent example of this great rarity of the Treaty Ports and the first postal marking of Shanghai, of which 17 examples are recorded.
Estimate HK$ 180,000 - 220,000

Expertisation: Boule certificate (1997).

Carried by P&O Shanghae Shanghai (7.10) to Hong Kong (12.10), Malta Hong Kong (15.10) to Galle (4.11), Nubia Galle to Suez (17.11), Valetta Alexandria (20.11) to Marseille (29.11).

Realized HK$333,500

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