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Lot 2257

Macao, 1838 (9 Jan.) entire letter to Lisbon (27.5) "p. Viajante", showing crisply struck sideways "Macao/Coro." oval h.s. (Webb type 4) in brown and matching handstruck "80" (reis), extremely fine and exceptional quality for this immensely rare handstamp.
Estimate HK$ 180,000 - 200,000


We record the following examples of this elusive handstamp:

1: 1829 (19 Mar.) arrival on entire from Lisbon to Magniac & Co., Macau. Webb, p. 295. This is evidently erroneous - the letter was actually sent from Macau to Lisbon.

2: 1830 (29 Jan.) entire letter to Lisbon, handstruck "160". Galeria Filatelica de Barcelona, 31.5.94, lot 229. Ex Frederick Mayer.

3: 1837 (15 Apr.) entire letter to Lisbon "p. Resolucao", handstruck "40" overstruck "80" in blue on arrival in Lisbon. Cavendish, 6.3.03, lot 304. Ex Richard C.K. Chan.

4: 1837 (19 Apr.) entire letter to Lisbon "p. Resolucao", handstruck "80". Ex Frederick Mayer.

5: 1842 (10 Feb.) entire letter to Lisbon "p. Viajante", handstruck "80". Luís Virgílio de Brito Frazão, História e Desenvolvimento dos Correios e das Telecomunicações de Macau, Vol. I, p. 207.


Lot 2269

Macao, 1859 (27 Mar.) entire letter from Macao to Cadiz, Spain, "care of Michael Power Esqr., Gibraltar" via Hong Kong (29.3) showing on reverse a very fine strike of the extremely rare small "Hong Kong" single-arc d.s., rated "1/10", some light ageing/soiling. Highly significant and unusual usage of this important Hong Kong pre-stamp marking originating in Macao.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000

Realized HK$241,500

Lot 2272

Macao, 1886 (5 July) envelope to Hong Kong (5.7) bearing 1884 locally handstamped surcharge 80r. without accent on perf. 12½ 100r. grey-lilac and 1885 (Jan.-17 June) surcharges 20r. on perf. 12½ 50r. green and 40r. in red on perf. 12½ 50r. green (small corner defect at lower left), cancelled by "Macao" double-ring d.s., very fine and wonderful mixed issue franking of the local surcharges, especially with the handstamped 80r. on 100r. which is of the utmost rarity properly used on cover. S.G. 19, 35, 36.
Estimate HK$ 80,000 - 100,000

Realized HK$103,500

Lot 2277

Macao, 1888 (10 Dec.) registered envelope to Marseille (10.1.89) via Hong Kong (11.12) bearing 1887 (20 Oct.) fiscal stamps surcharged for postage in red 40r. on 20r. deep green and brown (2) and 1888 Don Luis perf. 13½ 80r. grey, cancelled by "Macao" double-ring d.s. and showing "Registada No. 87" framed h.s. adjacent, very fine and rare usage of the fiscal surcharges paying the 160 reis registered rate to Europe. S.G. 55, 69.
Estimate HK$ 50,000 - 60,000

Realized HK$69,000

Lot 2274

Macao, 1886 (29 Dec.) registered envelope (trivial tear at top) to San Francisco (25.1.87) via Hong Kong (30.12) bearing 1884 Crown perf. 13½ 200r. orange, 1885 Crown perf. 13½ 20r. rosine, 1885 (Jan.-17 June) surcharge 10r. on 25r. rose and 1885 (30 Sept.) surcharge 10r. on perf. 13½ 50r. green (damaged at right due to application too close to edge of cover), cancelled by "Macao" double-ring d.s. and showing "Registada No. 47" framed h.s. adjacent, fine and colourful rare mixed issue Crown and local surcharge franking. S.G. 17, 27, 33, 42a.
Estimate HK$ 35,000 - 40,000

Realized HK$103,500

Lot 2264

Macao, 1851 (21 Aug.) entire letter to Gibraltar, showing on reverse superb small "Correio/Macao/21 Ag. 1851." unframed h.s. (Webb type 6b) and "Hong Kong" small double arc d.s. (23.8), with "Purifié au Lazaret/Malte" double-ring h.s., rated "4" in red manuscript indicating prepayment from Macau to Hong Kong and "1/10" (rate to Gibraltar, or to Spain and Portugal via Gibraltar), extremely fine and choice letter with this rare datestamp.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 40,000


Lot 2284

Macao, 1893 (13 Nov.) envelope (endorsed "I.M.C. Customs Lappa, China" on reverse) to Berlin (16.12) via Hong Kong (14.11) bearing Don Luis perf. 12½ 10r. green pair and single, 20r. rosine (small perf. defect at top), and 100r. yellow-brown, cancelled by "Direcção/do Correio/de/Macau" c.d.s., with "R/China/Registado/No. 2468/Macau (Direcção)" red on yellow label, very fine and appealing tri-colour registered franking. S.G. 57, 58, 63.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 40,000


Lot 2339

Macao, 1915 (25 Oct.) Portuguese India "Republica" overprinted 3r. stationery card from a Serbo-Croatian speaking sailor of the Austrian ship S.S. Vorwaerts interned in Portuguese India addressed to a sailor on S.S. Silesia at Shanghai, bearing Portuguese India Ceres 1r. pair and 5r., cancelled by Mormugao (Goa) c.d.s., showing "Direcçao dos Correios/Provincia/de Macau/Vales/Secretaria" framed d.s. (16.12) and "Refugo/Macau/Rebuts" circular h.s. both in blue, with violet "Passed Censor/Bombay/14" and "Returned/Not Transmissible framed h.s. also in violet alongside, an extremely rare World War I card that could not be sent on to Shanghai, so it received the dead letter handstamp in Macau and was returned, very fine. The Macau "Rebuts" handstamp is extremely rare, with possibly only two examples known, likewise it is similarly exceedingly rare in combination with the "Vales Secretaria" d.s.
Estimate HK$ 30,000 - 40,000

Realized HK$34,500

Lot 2279

Macao, 1890 (17 Oct.) registered envelope to A. Diercking at I.M. Customs, Ningpo (26.90) bearing Don Luis I perf. 13½ 10r., 50r. and 100r., tied by "Direcção/do Correio/de/Macau" c.d.s., showing "R/Registado/No. 1199/Macau (Direcção)/China" red on yellow-green registration label adjacent and on reverse "Hong Kong/B" (18.10) and "Shanghae/C" (25.10, British) c.d.s. and "Customs/Shanghai" and blue "Customs/Ningpo" arrival double-ring d.s., very fine and attractive tri-colour registered franking to China. S.G. 66, 68, 70.
Estimate HK$ 25,000 - 30,000


Lot 2265

Macao, 1855 (13 Feb.) entire letter from Manila to Canton "pr. 'Sofia' to Macao", showing "Correio/Macao/Maritimo" oval h.s. (Webb type 5) in red, writer mentions decline in hemp prices and provides detailed shipping information for the U.S. and U.K. noting that the "Morrison" bound from Hong Kong to San Francisco just put in for repairs after having suffered damage from striking the Prutas shoal, with a postscript that "an English war steamer is telegraphed entering the Bay." Very fine example of this rare handstamp.
Estimate HK$ 25,000 - 30,000


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