InterAsia Auctions

Sale 6

Asian Stamps and Postal History

July 25-26, 2009


featuring China, Tibet, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan and Mongolia

Lots 501-523   China: Early Issues through 1888
Lots 524-560   China: 1894 Dowager Empress 60th Birthday
Lots 561-647   China: 1897 Red Revenues Surcharged for Postage
Lots 648-702   China: Later Issues
Lots 703-729   China: Airmails, Express Letters and Provinces
Lots 730-812   China: Covers
Lots 813-847   People's Republic of China: Forerunners
Lots 848-897   People's Republic of China: General Issues
Lots 898-918   Taiwan
Lots 919-959   Tibet
Lots 960-970   China: Local Posts
Lots 1150-1189   Foreign Post Offices in China
Lots 1190-1211   Auction Catalogues
Lots 1212-1231   Hong Kong: Issued Stamps
Lots 1232-1257   Hong Kong: Postal Stationery and Covers
Lots 1258-1305   Hong Kong: Airmails
Lots 1306-1328   Hong Kong: Military Mail, Japanese Occupation, etc.
Lots 1329-1346   Treaty Ports
Lots 1347-1384   Philippines and Macau
Lots 1385-1415   Japan, Ryukyus and Korea
Lots 1416-1441   Mongolia: Russian Post Offices
Lots 1442-1476   Mongolia: Chinese Post Offices
Lots 1477-1542   Mongolia: Republic
Lots 1543-1583   Mongolia: Airmail and Miscellaneous

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