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Sale 52

The Nostalgia Collection of Mail to and from China, Indochina and Japan

June 26, 2016


A PDF of the entire sale is available:
Session 3: Lots 653-791 60 pages 3.7 megabytes

    Session 3: The Nostalgia Collection of French Mail to and from China, Indochina and Japan
    Sunday, June 26 after the conclusion of Session 2 (General Sale) at approximately 4 pm
    French Mail
Lots 653-663   Early Mail
Lots 664-677   Second Opium War
Lots 678-688   French Post Office in Shanghai
Lots 689-691   Accountancy Markings and Depreciated Currency
Lots 692-701   Mail from France to China / Mail from China by Private Ship
Lots 702-715   Mail from Hong Kong and Treaty Ports
Lots 716-724   Mail from or to Other Countries
Lots 725-729   Evans and Rainbow Correspondence from Great Britain to Hankow
Lots 730-733   Indochina, 1864-68
Lots 734-741   French Post Offices in Shanghai / Chinese Customs and Imperial Post
Lots 742-749   French Post Offices in China (towns other than Shanghai)
Lots 750-761   French Military Mail
Lots 762-763   Indochina, 1873-1918
Lots 764-771   Early Mail to Japan
Lots 772-781   French Post Offices in Yokohama
Lots 782-791   Japan Maritime Mail / Hong Kong Stamps Cancelled on French Mail Boats Boats

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