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Results of Our January 30-31, 2010 Auctions
of China, Hong Kong and Asia

Our just-completed January 30-31 auction was the largest stamp auction ever held in Hong Kong, realising HK$ 57 million (US$ 7.35 million; all realisations include the 15% buyer's premium).


The auction included the largest sale of China anywhere in the world and achieved the highest realisation ever for a Chinese stamp - HK$ 5,520,000 (US$ 712,000) for the Red Revenue Small One Dollar - as well as the highest price ever for any People's Republic philatelic item at auction: an eye-popping HK$ 6,670,000 (US$ 860,000) for the Victory of the Cultural Revolution imprint block of four. The Small One Dollar realisation was more than double what another example had fetched in another firm's auction last fall, reflecting the tremendous interest and strength of the market. Take a look at the prices realised on the website, if you haven't already, to see the extraordinary results that frankly in many cases left us breathless.

The sale not only generated tremendous interest in philatelic circles, but has been followed by the general media with coverage in the Chinese and English-language newspapers in Hong Kong and in Mainland China and on television. My doorman even told me that he saw me in the newspaper selling the stamps! It all should be great for the hobby generally and Asian philately specifically.

Highlights of the sale include:



The Olssons' 1885-1897 collection was a tremendous start to the two days, with many outstanding realisations, including HK$ 2,760,000 for the Dowager Surcharge "Red Ruby" block of four, HK$ 2,300,000 for the Red Revenue Small 2c. inverted surcharge block of six, HK$ 1,955,000 for the Small 4c. used double surcharge and HK$ 1,380,000 for the Remittance Certificate with the two Red Revenue $5, in addition to the record realisation for the Small One Dollar.

The People's Republic saw many spectacular realisations with prices up substantially over the prices in our last auction just six months. A Mei Lanfang miniature sheet fetched HK$ 92,000, the 1964 Peonies miniature sheet HK$ 27,600 and a block of four of the 1980 Monkey, to applause from the room, HK$ 46,000. The real highlights were, of course, the Five Treasures of the Cultural Revolution. In addition to the Victory block, the Jing Gangshan Revolutionary Base half stamp fetched HK$ 2,185,000, the mint unissued large-format "Whole Country is Red" HK$ 3,450,000, the mint Inscription to Japanese Worker Friends HK$ 920,000, and the issued but withdrawn vertical format "Whole Country is Red" mint imprint pair HK$ 1,725,000.


Hong Kong and Treaty Ports

The Hong Kong stamps and covers - anchored by the exceptional Late Mail and Moseley Branch Offices collections - were likewise highly sought after, with many spectacular realisations. The 1846 "Too Late" entire from Shanghai realised HK$ 80,500 (against a presale estimate of HK$ 20,000), the 1868 "Too Late" entire from Nagasaki, Japan to France HK$ 109,250 (HK$ 60,000 presale estimate) and the 1874 "Too Late" envelope from Foochow to Melbourne with the three 24c. green HK$ 66,700 (HK$ 10,000 presale estimate). The Branch Offices were no different with new and old collectors battling over the pieces. The 1919 Aberdeen cover finally sold for HK$ 138,000 (HK$ 30,000 presale estimate) - no doubt one of the highest ever realisations for a Branch Office - and the San Tin envelope for HK$ 80,500, with similar outstanding realisations and heated competition for the rare off-cover cancellations. Treaty Ports continued the exciting results with the 1858 incoming Great Britain entire to Ningpo fetching HK$ 55,200 and the 1859 Shanghai entire to Naples via Malta a strong HK$ 69,000.



The select postal history group that the eminent postal historian Luis Frazao helped us put together was led by an HK$ 253,000 realisation for the 1883 Pago em Macao crowned circle by French packet, HK$ 51,750 for the 1898 Pago em Macau crowned circle stamp-shortage envelope and HK$ 57,500 for the 1919 War Tax adhesive envelope.

Thinking of Selling?

Our next auction will be in July. If you are thinking of selling your collection or just have stamps or covers you no longer need, you should strongly consider consigning with us. Interasia has cemented itself as the preeminent auction firm worldwide for China and Hong Kong. We have an established track record of getting the highest prices, no doubt because of our extensive customer list that includes all the major collectors, our unrivalled expertise, our accurate and well-presented catalogues, and our extensive promotion and advertising. Our increasing market share is likewise testament to our results. You should try to get your consignments to us as soon as you can, but in any event by the end of April, so that we can promote your material at our stand at the major international exhibition in London in early May. It's a great time to take advantage of the outstanding market for China, Hong Kong and Asia!

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