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China, 1897 (14 July) "Consulat de France à Longtchéou" registered corner card envelope from the doctor at the Consulate to Paris (18.8) via Haiphong (17.7) bearing small figures surcharge on Dowager 1st printing 2c. on 2ca., 5c. on 5ca. vertical pair and 8c. on 6ca., cancelled by "Customs/Lungchow" double-ring d.s., in combination with France Indo-Chine 25c. horizontal strip of three cancelled by "Lang-Son/Tonkin" c.d.s., showing handstruck unframed "R" in red and "R" in octagon h.s. alongside, endorsed in manuscript on reverse "Parti sans addresse" (left without forwarding address) and with "Retour/a l'envoyeur/B * C" (return to sender) instructional h.s. on front, the return route to the sender is documented by the markings on the back of the envelope with "Paris/… Central" (19.8), "Hai-Phong/Tonquin" (24.9) and "Lang-Son/Tonkin" (25.9) departure and transit c.d.s., its arrival being indicated by a superbly struck "Lungchow" dollar chop (27.9) and accompanying handstruck "R" in red as registered mail received the same treatment both on departure and arrival, a few small opening or edge faults due to the nature of the linen envelope, overall very fine and a wonderful cover of the utmost rarity and desirability. Irrefutably one of the most important covers from the first year of the Imperial Post.

The earliest recorded cover with the Lungchow dollar dater

The latest recorded date of the Lungchow Customs c.d.s.

The only recorded cover with the Lungchow Customs c.d.s. and dollar dater used together

The only recorded registered cover from Lungchow bearing the 1897 Dowager surcharge issue

A 24 cents registered sevenfold rate cover. The registration was paid at the U.P.U. rate, while, prior to 1899, Lungchow mail matter was treated as internal mail, and, therefore, postage was only charged at domestic rates (2c. per ½ ounce, China 2 cents = France 5 centimes). The French postage was overpaid by 15 centimes, probably because the post office only had 25 centimes stamps at the time.
Estimate HK$ 1,200,000 - 1,500,000

Realized HK$ 1,610,000

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