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China, Red Revenue large figures surcharge $5 on 3c. red, horizontal pair with sheet margin at left, positions 11-12, good colour, well centred, unused with practically full original gum (slightly yellowed), left stamp has short vertical crease and thins, folded along vertical rows of perfs. between stamps resulting in a number of split perfs., sheet margin intact, overall a fine and exceedingly rare multiple. Chan 91a.
Estimate HK$ 1,500,000 - 2,000,000

With the inauguration of the Imperial Post and the concurrent changeover to the silver dollar system, stamps with new face values were needed without delay. Furthermore, the introduction of the money remittance on 1 January 1898 (Chicago Flight. Postal Circular No. 3 and accompanying Postal Notification No. 26 of 17 November 1897) whereby money orders redeemable at the post office of the sender's choice, to a maximum of 10 dollars, could be used as a vehicle of securely transferring money without any formality (through anonymity and even the ordinary post). Consequently, 3 cents revenue stamps were surcharged 5 dollars, which was the highest denomination produced. Approximately 5000 such stamps were printed, the surcharges having been adapted from the large $1 surcharge plate with the original positions randomly rearranged. Since the strict policy was to destroy both the remittance certificate and stamps on redemption, only a limited amount of the 5 dollars value has survived. Many unused 5 dollars Red Revenues have been taken off certificates, which helps explain the prevalence of examples without gum.

The largest recorded multiples are a rejoined strip of four and a reconstructed block of four comprised of two vertical pairs (one rejoined).

The largest recorded intact multiples are vertical or horizontal pairs, of which approximately less than twenty have survived.

There are only three recorded multiples of the $5 on 3c. with sheet margins :
The above horizontal pair, positions 11-12 with sheet margin at left
2: Horizontal pair, positions 22-23 with sheet margin at foot. Ex Percival David (Robson Lowe, 22.7.70, lot 209) and "Sun" collections
3: Horizontal pair, positions 21-22 with sheet margin at left. Sun Philatelics, 21.11.91, lot 1011.


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