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Lot 2047 Manchurian Provinces, Machine overprint on Friendship with Japan 10f. red complete sheets of 100 (4) showing overprint errors "Hwa" for "Yu" (R1/8) and "Cheng" for "Yu" (R5/1), unmounted mint, light yellowing in places on reverse on three sheets with one missing tiny piece of corner selvedge and another with a few internal bends, with fourth sheet very fresh (with biro annotation by the two varieties), fine to very fine. Kerr 13:14-15, 14a, 14b; Chan MOKR.2B:1, 1a, 1b, 2. O.g., never hinged.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 - 2,000
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Lot 2048 Manchurian Provinces, 1945-47, a mint or unused collection, identified by Chan listings, with many issues complete, including Sin An Tsun 50f. on 1f. to 1y. on 12f. (Chan MOLB.16), Tai Lai 2f. to 12f. (Chan MONJ.22) and Ta Yu Ling 1f. to 20f. (Chan MOKR.7), fine to very fine (approx. 450). Not illustrated.
Estimate HK$ 2,500 - 3,000
  Realized HK$8,050
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Lot 2049 / Manchurian Provinces, 1945-47, a mint or unused assembly (with much unmounted) including values in quantities and many multiples, generally fine to very fine (1,200+).
Estimate HK$ 1,200 - 1,500
  Realized HK$6,325
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Lot 2050 /o/ Manchurian Provinces, The extensive mint or unused and used collection replete with covers (approx. 570), assembled over decades and mounted on individually designed pages in twelve volumes, arranged by the Kerr catalogue and including varieties, booklet panes and numerous stamps not listed by Kerr or Chan. The covers include both elusive commercial envelopes and Harbin-cancelled philatelic envelopes with complete issues as well as booklet panes and varieties which are important contemporary proving pieces for these issues, as well as a number of unfranked envelopes showing local "Postage to be Paid" circular handstamps.

Among the many highlights too numerous to mention are A Yung Chen 50f. in used singles (2, including the example illustrated in Kerr) and on commercial envelopes (2) in strips of three and four respectively, Fu Yu blue surcharge 2.50y. on 2f. and 2.50y. on 6f. used plus unlisted red surcharge 2.50y. on 2f. used and the listed blue surcharge 2.50y. on 2f. on commercial envelope, Fu Yu (Pe Tu Na) red overprint 20f. inverted (Kerr 46.10a), Hai Lun violet overprint 2f. and 4f. booklet panes mint and red overprint, black overprint and violet overprint 2f. and 4f. booklet panes on philatelic envelopes, Hai Lung 50f. on 1f. on commercial envelope, Harbin misplaced and other overprint varieties, Hei Ho commercial envelopes, Ho Li with "Postage to be Paid", other commercial and philatelic envelopes including booklet panes usage, Hu Ma red-violet overprint 1y. and black overprint 1y. both used, Hua Chuan black overprint 10f. pair and 50f. used, Kang Ping ½f. to 30f. (unlisted by Kerr) philatelic envelope, Kia Mu Sze commercial and philatelic envelopes with booklet pane usages (2, both unlisted by Kerr), black surcharge 1y. on 2f. (Kerr 91.14 var) and 5y. on 2f. (Kerr type 161), Kien An and Ko Shan commercial envelopes, Kwei Shan black surcharges set of three mint and on philatelic envelopes, Lien Kian Kow registered envelopes (4) to Harbin, Lin Tien unlisted red surcharge 1y. on 1y. used (2) and on envelope to Kai Yuan, Lung Chen Tsun unlisted 5y. on 12f. on express envelope to Ching Lung Hsien, Mao Ehr Shan black overprint 2f. and 4f. booklet panes with normal set on philatelic envelope, Mu Lan the four booklet panes on philatelic envelope, Mu Tan Kiang double, inverted and misplaced overprints, Nan Cha and No Ho commercial envelopes, Nun Kiang purple single-line overprint 1y. used and black surcharge 50f. used and on envelope to Kao Ching Chuang, Pai Chuan black overprint 2f. booklet pane, Pan Shih unlisted purple surcharge 50f. on 1y. on envelope to Ning An, Peh An commercial and philatelic envelopes, Peh An Chen 2f. and 4f. booklet panes (both purple and black overprints) on philatelic envelopes, Pin Hsien commercial envelopes and 2f. and 4f. booklet panes on philatelic envelopes (2), Ping Shan 2f. and 4f. booklet panes (both the red and blue overprints) on philatelic envelope, Shih Tao Ho Tze purple overprint 2f. and 4f. booklet panes, commercial envelopes and 2f. and 4f. booklet panes (both purple and black overprints) on philatelic envelope, Schwang Cheng and Sui Lang booklet pane on philatelic envelopes, Sun Wu red overprint 5f. overprint pairs (2, one on commercial envelope to Yen Shan Tsun), unlisted surcharges used and other commercial envelopes (including some with unlisted overprints), Ta Tung Chen 10f. to 1y. set of three used and unlisted 15f. and 50f. both used, Tun Hwa unlisted overprints on commercial envelopes, Tung Ho "Postage to be Paid" envelopes (2) and vermilion overprint 2f. and 4f. booklet pane on philatelic envelope, Tung Kiang 1y. on 2f. and 5y. on 1y. on 2f. booklet panes (both unlisted by Kerr) on philatelic envelope.

The overall condition is fine to very fine, representing a unique opportunity to acquire a world-class collection. Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive collections of these fascinating and complex issues.
Estimate HK$ 450,000 - 550,000
  Realized HK$632,500
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